About Us

Missouri S&T's Auto-ID Research Group is led by Dr. Jag Sarangapani of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) and Dr. Can Saygin of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering (EMSE). The research group is working on developing Auto-ID solutions for network-centric manufacturing environments.

AutoID Group Image
Standing from left: Yashesh Chhaya, Kainan Cha, James Fonda, MacIej J. Zawodniok, Deepak Mohan Sitting from left: Ahmet Soylemezoglu, Tom Sarantakos, Dr. Saygin, Dr. Sarangapani, and Jeff Birt

The research group effectively blends networking expertise of the Embedded Systems & Networking Laboratory (ESNL) and automated manufacturing systems expertise of the Integrated Systems Facility (ISF). The graduate students are provided with a truly integrated, multi-disciplinary research and development environment. Our current efforts are funded by the Air Force Research Lab (FA8650-04-C-704) through the Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies (CAMT).